Saturday, December 18, 2004

Distributed Computing…

I’m studying java now for my final project. I have to make a distributed computing system for digital image processing, especially for wavelet transformation of JPEG 2000 by using Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation). For the nearest date, I have to make a paper for telemedicine conference in Malaysia at January 2005. the call for paper deadline will be at December, 24th 2004.

Because the 24th was so close, so my supervisor only asked for concept paper to propose for the Malaysia conference. Then, the final project will be proposed for May Telemedicine conference. Because of my activity, may be I won’t concentrate to January conference, but may conference. Yeah.. now I’m studying java, and I’m not ready to complete my final project at January. J

Have you ever had an image processing project by using distributed computing ? please contact me for discussion.

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monn said...

I'm into distributed.. err.. more to parallel compu-thing too. There is a good simple introductory example in parallel image processing in Introduction to Parallel Computing