Monday, February 28, 2005

Teleconference Pictures

This is the picture of Japanese Prime Minister and ITB's Head of University in the SOI Asia Special Symposium (this picture was taken by Keiko Okawa from Keio Site).

This is the picture of panelist (I don't know who he is and where he comes from). Look at his notebook !! :) (the picture was taken by RM Dikshie Fauzi from ITB site)

Unfortunely, i've no picture of ITB's electricity black out situation. I think Mas Bas was taking the pictures. If I get some pictures, i will put in in my blog.

At last, this is not a part of teleconference ceremony, but this is pasca-teleconference ceremony. We have dinner in The Valley, a restourant near Dago Pakar. (the picture was taken by Dikshie)

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